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Bionic Brigade Upcoming Meetings:​

November 13 2015 Friday 1-3pm

Dr Heather Baer - University of Colorado Hospital Denver

Topic: DBS and Rehab

​December 11 2015

Friday 1-3pm

**Annual Holiday 


"Most delicious meeting of the year so start thinking of a 

favorite dish you would like to bring to share!"

Why Attend the Monthly Meetings?

Many people who are considering having DBS surgery attend the monthly meetings to learn about DBS, what it can and can't do, the benefits and risks involved,and to have many personal questions answered by people who have already had the surgery. This information is useful in their decision-making process, and if accepted as a candidate for DBS surgery, helps them decide if they want to proceed with DBS. 

People who have experienced DBS also come to share their experiences and offer their support throughout the DBS process.

Care partners, family members, and friends of those people considering DBS surgery also join in at 

Bionic Brigade meetings. Although the group began as a DBS support group for those dealing with Parkinson's Disease, as the conditions treated by DBS have expanded, so had our group! We now have members who have Parkinson's Disease(PD), Essential Tremor (ET) and a few who have Dystonia.

Bionic Brigade of Colorado DBS Support Group

What is The Bionic Brigade DBS Support Group?

The Bionic Brigade is a DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) surgery patient-to-patient support group. We are not medical experts - but people who share a common interest - DBS surgery

Monthly Bionic Brigade meetings provide an open discussion forum within a friendly, upbeat and supportive environment. There is no charge to become a member of the support group or to attend any of our meetings.

​​ Bionic Brigade of Colorado DBS Support Group

Sponsored by  "DBS Voice of the Rockies"  - A 501(c) (3) Non-Profit Organization